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Available Modules

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MunAdmin Modules (partial list...)
MunAdmin currently consists of the following modules and tools.
Incoming Documents
Capture, Index and S canning
Fax Documents
Emailed Documents
Various Confirmation methods

Outgoing Documents
Create and Print
Items Workflow
Item Management
Agenda Management – Total PDF format including all attachments
Minute Management – Total PDF format

Resolution Management
Uncompleted Resolutions
Completed Resolutions
Resolution Workflow

Management Reporting includes
Mail routing reports
Resolution routing reports
Selected performance reporting
Extensive CCM Reporting
Analysis per User/Group etc.
Time Frequency Analysis

MunAdmin caters  for various Registers such as:
Applications Register
Policies Register
Delegation of Powers Register
Gazette Info Register
Tender Register
Contracts Register
Payment Register
Supply Chain Contracts

Tools include:
Confirmations via SMS, Email and Fax
Progress reporting via SMS, Email and Fax
Job card generation and Tracking
Full History tracking of the complaint
PDF Document Combining
Convert Tiff to PDF
Convert PDF to Tiff
Trip Logger


SMS Manager
Fax Manager
Venue Manager
Contacts Management
Importing of Text Files for bulk SMS
Digital Copy/PDF Maker
Scan document to TIFF or PDF

Other Modules
CCM – Customer Care Management
Document Library
Supply Chain Management
Payment Register

MunAdmin™ EDMS Application

MunAdmin™ is the registered marked EDMS of MunComp Systems (Pty) Ltd. The application will not be known under any other brand name. Please be carefull for any application stating to be like the MunAdmin system.

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