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Digitization Documents

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At MunComp Systems, we understand that printed documents are the primary means of moving critical information within an organization and we're helping organizations every day with methods to control costs and improve business processes.

MunComp Systems' professional consultants have the tools and the technologies to help your organization identify the workflow processes and growing costs of doing business. We can help you develop "Green" business processes, including document management and print management solutions and ultimately reduce the cost of managing your mission critical information.

By utilizing scanning technologies you can easily convert costly, inefficient paper file cabinets to a Digital File system.

Introdcuing a new EDMS system poses the problem of having to decide which date to use to go "live". The question arises what should be done about the 'old documents'. With two options coming to mind as a solution ie to scan all old documents as required or internal time permints or use a bereu to scan documents in bulk and integrate it with the currently running system.

So, the solution seems to be to consider the two situations as two separate projects and to evaluate exactly what you want to achieve with each. In many situations you could use the same solution, either separately for each project or simply to use the same infrastructure to process the backlog as and when there are opportunities to do so, but in other cases two separate solutions might be more financially feasible. This is especially true if you consider using an outsourcing service provider.

We offer the following scanning services:

- Document Scanning
- Architectural Drawing Scanning
- Historic and Archival Scanning

We also provide solutions for:

- Document Management (solutions based on MunAdmin® EDMS)
- Integration of scanning into business processes (workflow integrated into the MunAdmin EDMS)
- Image databases with retrieval front-end (custom development)

MunComp has adopted an holistic approach to document handling, preparation, scanning and retrieval supported by state of the art scanning equipment, software and imaging techniques. As well as offering a range of specialised niche scanning services, MunComp provides a sophisticated document scanning bureau for high speed imaging of batches of paper documents.

MunComp will collect the paper, scan and process it to produce images, create and populate an image database and return the output to the client in a medium of their choice. Test our turnaround times – we are quick!

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online, give us a call. We would be pleased to hear from you.

With many years experience within the Local Government market, MunComp Systems can provide a full range of bureau scanning services at highly competitive prices.
Sub-A4 to oversize A0
B&W or Colour
Client files / Invoices / Reports / Drawings / Maps
Complex cataloguing
Integration to 3rd party databases
TIFF / PDF / JPEG output
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Collection / Delivery
Confidential destruction

Contact us today to learn more about our available technologies, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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