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The Marketing strategy for the MunAdmin system is based on resellers/distributors of the product. Relationships have been established with a number of resellers. If you are interested in acquiring the MunAdmin solution, please contact us and we will put you in touch with a suitable reseller/distributor.

Value Added Resellers

A VAR relationship with MunComp Systems (P
ty) Ltd is typically an incidental relationship whereby the VAR will from time to time, during the course of their normal business, identify opportunities for which MunComp Systems
is a solution. Typically this would include;-

Solution providers that have been tasked by their clients to research, evaluate and/or recommend a document management system as part of their own services to that client providers that identify an opportunity for MunAdmin while performing other work for their clients.  

MunComp Systems is interested in broadening the base of VAR’s. Reward programmes are defined for VAR’s based on the level of involvement that they have in the selling and support process. This is based on a percentage share of the license fees for the system. VAR’s that provide implementation support and training services directly to the customer can develop these avenues as effective revenue streams.

Parties interested in becoming a VAR should contact us.

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