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Virtual Office for the 21st Century!


During the past decade, there has been a reduction in the number of government employees, including records management staff, particularly at the provincial level. Records management staff continues to exist and do good work in government institutions. However, a reduction in their numbers has meant that record keeping responsibilities now fall more heavily on individual public servants.

There has been a significant shift from paper to electronic records during the past two decades. Although government institutions continue to print and maintain paper documents as “official records,” the vast majority of records are now created and stored in electronic format. Many government institutions do not have adequate systems in place to track and retrieve electronic records or to manage their retention and disposal. Different versions of the same record may be located on personal computer drives, disorganized shared drives, network servers or e-mail “in” boxes. Records are often perceived as resources belonging to individuals and program units, not as shared corporate resources.

The absence of a sophisticated system for managing electronic records and documents has an adverse effect on the public’s right to access government-held information within a 30-day timeframe. Public servants may have difficulty locating the final versions of records and responding to access requests in an expeditious manner, particularly if paper versions of the requested records do not exist.
The efficient management of electronic records and documents is an essential component of knowledge management, which involves making effective use of information and people. Knowledge cannot be shared effectively between public servants or with the public if it is poorly organized and difficult to retrieve.

ERDMSs can play an important role in supporting the development of knowledge management in government.


  • Consulting – Needs identification; system analysis; solution design.
    Bureau Service – Outsourced, high volume, document and data capture.
    System Implementation – design, implementation, customisation, training and support.
    Training – Training of municipal employees in the effective use of the MunAdmin System and Administration in general.


It is now possible to have your office anywhere you would like it to be. With the Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7 version of the MunAdmin Administration System from MunComp Systems it is now quite possible to have an economic paperless office.

The use of PC’s has done the opposite of what was expected by the business world. People are creating more paper than ever. Most users are not getting use of two thirds of the power available to them on their present systems.

To meet the challenges of today’s fast moving world, managers need to have information as quickly as possible on hand. These solutions are providing new value from the information the company possesses, giving new abilities to:
Reach the right decisions quickly.
Improve service and work quality.
Improve position in the community
Exploit new opportunities to better the quality of life of its citizens
More easily manage existing and new assets while growing


MunComp Systems will help you change all of that!

The ONLY paper being created by your enterprise should be that which is going “out of the house” or those documents that are absolutely essential to personnel in non-network accessible locations.

By not creating new paper and by converting incoming paper to electronic files, significant economic savings are had. When one truly looks at both the hard and soft costs, the gain quickly becomes obvious.
You don’t have to distribute a scrap of paper anymore. Electronically scan all your incoming mail and documents. Use an automatic document feeder and reach up to 80-pages/minute scanning. The system is very sparingly in that the average size of a scanned page is a mere 20kb or less.

Distribute the external mail received via the Intranet/Internet and let your employees be more productive. The system will allow you to route the documents to an unlimited number of personnel at the same time. No more waiting for files that get lost or expensive photocopying of documents.

Staying ahead of the competition in a changing marketplace has never been easy. With the breakneck pace of technological, social and commercial developments in the Twenty-First Century, it is increasingly difficult for most organizations, large or small, to simply keep up. Knowledge, in the form of corporate documentation, electronic files and non-electronic records is a valuable asset that controls and fuels your ability to make quick, confident decisions in today's business climate.
Most of your organization's critical information is stored in a variety of electronic forms: text-based word processing files, graphics, photographs and other images, CAD drawings, charts, spreadsheets, HTML pages, e-mail messages and other information vital to your business processes, from engineering and manufacturing to marketing and sales. In many organizations, productivity is slowed or, worse yet, stalled altogether because the documentation and information upon which both people and processes depend is out-of-date, inaccurate, disseminated poorly or completely unavailable.

MunAdmin will enhance the productivity of your entire organization without requiring extensive training or procedural changes. MunAdmin will immediately make an impact on your organization with:
Improved employee productivity and quality of work teamwork communication of departmental operations collaboration distribution of critical information and secure access to your corporate document vault of information for the enterprise knowledge chain and reuse of corporate knowledge to accelerate time-to-market to rules and regulations such as ISO 9000, etc. record keeping for legal, quality or historic auditing Savings from decrease in supplies and storage Efficiency Safety and Security against loss of valuable information due to disasters such as fire or flood huge capital layout monthly maintenance

Be sure that your incoming documents are attended to promptly. Insert duedates, action taken, assignments, etc. Create extensive reports to monitor the progress and evaluate the results.
Have the latest technology at the tips of your fingers. Run in the 32/64-bit environment of Windows95/98/ME/2000/NTXP/Vista /Win 7,8 and Windows 10. By using a Client /Server database that ensures the integrity of your precious data.

Working from home, hotel room or anywhere in the world is very easy with the remote connection (RAS) or Virtual Private Network (VPN) capability of MunAdmin.
With MunAdmin, a central register is kept of all your correspondence. The system will even keep record of the files attached to the document. Export your in-house documents to the international Rich Text Format (RTF), which can be read by any of the present day word processors, or attach any electronic file to your Meta data.

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