FAQ - "TechSavvy Solutions: Streamlining Office Operations with MunComp Systems"

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Please find a list of FAQ below.
1. Do i need a network?

A. No, a network is only needed in the Enterprise edition of MunAdmin. You may start with the single user, Express version, and then update later.
2. Why is there an Express Edition of MunAdmin?

A. You may try to use the system as a standalone version and then, once you are satisfied with the functionality, upgrade to the Enterprise edition.
3. Are the modules of the system fully integrated?

A. Yes, all modules of the system are integrated. Use initially only the required modules and extend as needed.
4. Is it possible to password protect the PDF Agenda?

A. Yes, you may password protect any document to you requirements.
5. Do you have a local cloud storage facility?

A. Yes. The MunAdmin local Cloud storage option makes provision for full management of any type of document to be stored on your local cloud. You will be able to allow users r/w/view access to any document on your workspace. Changed documents will be versioned.
6. What security is available in the MunAdmin EDMS system?

A. Security is managed by means of a username and password. You may use the Windows/Domain password to access the system. Internally access to modules are regulated by MunAdmin roles.
7. Do you have an audit trial of actions?

A. Yes, a full audit trial is kept by the system with access by the system administrator or allocated users.
8. Is the system browser based?

A. Yes the system is browser based. a Standalone application is available as well.

9. Do you have training facilities?

A.  Yes we have training facilities available. Training on-site can be arranged.
10. Do you do on-site training?

A. Yes. Implementation and Training, at the clients' site, is included in the Enterprise edition. Change management is normally needed when changing from a hand operated system to the EDMS environment.

11. Do you have a user group?

A. Yes, we have a user group consisting of members of the system. a Conference is held once yearly to discuss related enhancements and new requirements.
12. Does the Agenda/Minute Management makes provision for Audio files of the meetings?

A. Yes. Your institution can associate video/sound files with any meeting and then access it from any device.
13. Does MunComp Systems have an Implementation strategy? What is the process like, how long does it take and can the services be customised to our organisation?

A. With MunAdmin, implementation is a very consultative process. This ensures that everything from preplanning to on-site training goes seamlessly. Our team analyse your specific needs so that when we start to do the actual training, you get exactly what you need, customized to your organisation. This entire process includes frequent communications with your staff - future users and the IT department.

a "Initialisation call" to the primary contact introduces the implementation team, gathers preliminary information, coordinates possible training dates and sets up expectations moving forward - things like how you capture documents, distribute information, capture complaints, conduct meetings, what processes are used for preparing documents, necessary approvals, agenda formats, the types of equipment you will be using, and who needs to see what particular information.

With MunAdmin, your Support Team is brought up to speed on your specific situation, and technical specifications start getting exchanged with your IT department. Communications are also initiated with your support Champions to understand how they are doing things now, so the best design on how they can do these things easier with MunAdmin is designed. We are also sensitive to the "human" needs. Some clients have never even used a computer before or some may be nervous about learning a new system or experience a resistance to change the current methods.

As we get closer to implementation, a call is initiated to verify that all necessary preparations are complete and address any remaining questions.

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