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Munor Alphanumeric Data management

The main purpose of Munor is to enable municipal officials to manage the alphanumeric data that is used in everyday tasks. This information may be used in conjunction with your GIS system.

Munor consists of a property database, which is the core of the application, linking any type of information to this. Roads PMS, Building plans, Water related items such as water meters, fire hydrants, pumps, valves, etc.

In terms of regulations all building plans must be approved within a time frame. The Munor application will help you to manage this in an organised way, and supply you with a vast number of management reports.

You will be able to scan the building plan into the system and then route it to several desks at the same time for perusal. If any errors are reported an SMS (text message) can be sent to the architect or owner informing them.

An report at any moment can be generated to view the number of plans not approved as well as being informed of any plan which could exceed the approval time limit

Land Parcel Information

Within the Munor System we allow for a property list to be maintained. The system allows you to keep consent use and other notes on a property.

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