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API Capability

API Availability

Use our API to store your documents and records from various applications to the MunAdmin File Plan Repository. This will assist compliance to the MSCOA EDMS requirements of NT(National Treasury)


The Document Management system that gives you wings in a sea of paper
 Welcome to MunAdmin
 The Administrator Software of Choice
Since ’95, MunComp™ Systems (MCS) has been a leading technology solutions provider. We specialise in comprehensive and integrated solutions surrounding Electronic Records and Document Management (ERDMS) and General Administration.

Our top team of passionate personnel takes the time to understand your unique businesses processes and demands, recommending and implementing the relevant technology-based system solutions accordingly.

Electronic Records and Document Management

Over the past ten years, we’ve seen a drastic reduction in employee numbers, including records management staff. While employees continue to deliver good work in their relevant institutions, their diminishing presence places the burden of record-keeping on the shoulders of individual users.

We’ve also seen a dramatic shift from paper to digital. While most institutions still print and keep certain paper documents as official records, most are now created and stored in an electronic format to not only foster more convenience, but to contribute to preserving the environment and minimising paper wastage too. If you think about it, many of your organisation's critical documents are likely already stored in electronic formats, including word processing files, images, graphics, CAD drawings, charts, spreadsheets, emails, and beyond.

Unfortunately, most government institutions lack adequate systems to track, retrieve, retain, and dispose of e-records. Multiple versions across different computers, networks, and email inboxes contribute to the issue of disorganisation and confusion as to which version is the latest and most up-to-date. Records should be perceived as corporate resources, not the property of individuals or program units.
Sophisticated eRecords Management

Clearly, the need for a more sophisticated e-record management system is dire, which directly affects the public’s right to accessing the latest versions of government-held information within a 30-day time-frame, let alone respond to access requests quickly and efficiently. If paper versions of these records don’t exist, the challenge becomes even more pressing.

We at MunComp understand how challenging it is for government organisations like yours to stay afloat in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, what with the constant technological, social, and commercial developments that awaits us at every turn in the 21st century. That’s what makes electronic files so valuable, empowering institutions to make faster decisions with more confidence in today’s heated business climate.
Electronic Records and Document Management

ERDMS is a powerful tool that helps organisations just like yours manage all your records and documents with more efficiency and streamlined organisation - both electronic and hard copy formats. An ERDMS is often useful for building e-government infrastructures, of which “e-democracy” is a key component. The goal of e-democracy is to use technology to improve citizen engagement with democratic institutions, such as enhancing public access to government-held information while promoting:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Open Government

Transparency Accountability Open government

Efficient e-record/document management is no longer optional. It’s essential for any institution that wants to make more effective use of information and people, while supporting knowledge management development. With a sophisticated e-record management system, institutions can more effectively share knowledge among officials and the public while keeping things perfectly organised and simple to retrieve.

Our team is committed to enabling the public to enjoy better quality attention, which is why we supply the tools needed to ensure that matters resolved by council can be adequately attended to, completed, and safeguarded. We also help you comply with policies, procedures, regulations, and laws, while utilising your resources with the most efficiency, effectiveness, and an economic approach.
Paperless Meeings

Paperless Agenda Management and E-Distribution

Moving back to the topic of printing, copying, and binding, it’s no secret that government agencies spend thousands of Rands annually when collecting, organising, and distributing meeting materials. This is just another aspect MunComp helps government agencies with. We have a proven track record when it comes to helping government agencies embrace new technologies and cut costs.
Enjoy Paperless Happiness

At MunComp, we believe that the only paper you should be creating is paper printed to move out of house, or documents that are critical for personnel in locations without network access. By converting incoming paper to e-files, you will enjoy significant cost savings and increase productivity. Our ground-breaking new and improved AGENDA MANAGER comprises a “role-based” user interface, bringing every aspect of the agenda and meeting management process under one roof to accommodate the City’s existing and future requirements across key areas:

  • Scheduling meetings
  • Agenda management
  • Minute creation
  • Correspondence
  • Referred matters
  • Outstanding items
  • By-law management
  • Report management
  • Local administration
Green Solution
No longer do you have to contribute to South Africa’s and the world's pressing paper wastage problem. You can scan all incoming documentation, mail electronically, and
distribute all external documents received online. This simple action sends employee productivity skyrocketing. You can route documents to an unlimited number of personnel simultaneously, or by using a rule-based workflow. No more costly photocopying. No more waiting for lost files to be retrieved.

We empower Companies and Governments to:
  • Review meeting agendas
  • Review supporting documents
  • Save staff hours of manual labour time
  • Password-protect sensitive agendas
  • Electronically create Minutes and Resolutions from the Agenda
  • Seamless integration and distribution
  • Integrate finalising of Council Resolutions with progress reporting to management
  • Enjoy convenient access to agendas and supporting documents
  • Stay ahead of the competition in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace
MunComp will assist you...

MunComp would be honoured to assist your institution with the electronic creation, compilation, and distribution of agendas for your recipients. All agendas will feature comments from key stakeholders, without the need to wait for paper to travel through every department and organisation. We are also here to support you in the transition into a paperless future with reduced costs, increased functionality, and boosted efficiency for council members and staff.
You’ll also be able to promote more accountability and foster improved public trust, annotate with available tools, and so much more. That’s not even taking the massive financial benefits into account.
We can further assist you with the delivery of agendas in PDF format, including all attachments and a numbered table of contents.

We arm enterprises with new value, to be able to:
    • Make more informed decisions
    • Improve the quality of service and work
    • Raise the community ranks
    • Take advantage of new opportunities to improve the quality of life of citizens
    • Manage current and future assets with more ease and efficiency
    • Build momentum and keep growing now and in the future
    • NO additional training required
    • NO procedural changes
    • NO significant capital layout
    • Insurance against valuable information loss caused by disaster (I.e. fire or flood)
    • Improve employee productivity and work quality
    • Strengthen teamwork and collaboration
    • Deliver important public services more cost-effectively
    • Streamline communication, efficiency, safety, and security
    • Expedite the delivery of crucial information
    • Access your corporate document vault securely and reliably
    • Accelerate time-to-market by using and reusing corporate knowledge
    • Automatic record-keeping for auditing of legal, quality, or historic
    • Low monthly maintenance
We make it easy for you to attend to your incoming documents with speed and efficiency, with the ability to add due dates, instructions, actions taken, comments, and more. You can easily create extensive reports to monitor progress and evaluate results.

While you might think PC’s were created to minimise paper usage, they’ve actually done the opposite. Individuals and businesses are generating more paper than ever before in history. The world is evolving at a rapid rate, and something needs to be done. In a nutshell, that’s why we’re here. Since our inception almost 25 years ago, we have been committed to helping government agencies and corporations cut costs with new technologies. We are here to make your life as simple and streamlined as possible, while making it easy to do business with us. As specialists in Electronic Document Management Systems, we know what it takes to help our clients use resources more sparingly while cutting costs and boosting productivity.

Our Mission
We are passionate about delivering file management and workflow systems that empower institutions to more effectively manage the flow of documents from their desktops - while maintaining a flawless standard of productivity.

With the Windows version of our proprietary software, your office will no longer be bound to a physical location. You can launch an economic and paperless office, working from your home, hotel room, or any location in the world - anytime. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection, and you are good to go. We make Remote Access (RAS) easy, eliminating heavy data manipulation. With our method, you can also grant specific users access from anywhere in the world, preventing unwanted access while ensuring uncompromised access for key parties.
Internal Memo Management

MunAdmin assists with the management of your internal memo's. No more paper and multiple emails flying around. Create multiple templates, each with its own body and
contents. Attach your own Signature workflow and send the document on its way. Create your signed PDF document for archiving. Use pre-created signatures from the database, with encrypted verification, or sign via a signature pad.

Search & Find Information

MunAdmin provides users with one central register for all correspondence. Here, you can even access a secure record of all files attached to documents. You can swiftly find these documents and all related information via our Query Search Module. You can locate documents in a matter of seconds to save mountains of time (and sanity).
Customer Care Management

With the stagnating economy in mind, it’s mission-critical for companies to embrace the most productive approach to their resources - whether these consist of plant, personnel, material, or capital. MunComp helps such institutions achieve these goals, efficiently and cost-effectively, using our years of hands-on experience regarding the management and development of systems that make the best possible use of scarce resources. One of the key areas in this regard is to ensure that your administration and documentation aligns with your institutional management. We can help you develop systems that do just that while fast-tracking the road to your goals. We’ll start with in and out-going documentation, Agenda Management, and Minute and Resolution Management.
Re-imagining Administration
Throughout our years of experience, we’ve come to learn that one of the most pressing challenges faced by most organisations is connected to the administration process. Many file documents take ages to be finalised, are vulnerable to getting lost, and more. Public complaints often dwell for months before being attended to, a problem MunAdmin CCM can solve.
  • Track council resolutions

  • Monitor received mail and complaints
  • Automatically generate meeting agendas once all relevant departments have made comments relating to an item
  • Foster cross-department collaboration
  • Expedite the path from problem to solution
Our document workflow delivers a functional and practical way to route, share, update, and track documents organisation-wide. You can store and retrieve documents via MunAdmin, and you can even import external documents into the workflow system painlessly. The system also features a built-in comprehensive audit trail, simplifying and streamlining file tracking and user actions.
An additional private cloud library empowers you with the ability to share e-file(s) with an unlimited number of users, anywhere, anytime, as editable or read-only. This is just another way MunComp puts the power in your hands. This cloud library is powered by sophisticated technology that prevents e-file loss for your peace of mind.


It’s clear

that MunAdmin can (and will) solve plenty of employee-related frustrations, while simplifying the lives of the:
General public
We would be honoured to tell your institution more about what MunComp can do for you. Please feel free to request an on-site demo of MunAdmin, 100% free. You can also visit us online at MunComp.co.za today. MunAdmin is the world’s first and only integrated E-DMS Administration System that covers almost every management aspect you can think of. We want to help you build your virtual office of the 21st century, backed by a competent team of personnel who are here to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon and organizing a full demonstration and workshop for your convenience. We firmly believe our comprehensive system holds the power to re-imagine the future of your institution. We look forward to showing you why soon.

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