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Kiosk Overview

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MunAdmin Communicator
the CCM Interactive Kiosk

Uses for MunComp's MunAdmin Communicator interactive local government kiosks include:
Promoting the wide variety of services you provide with details of how to access these services.
Surveys and questionnaires that provide real time feedback from your citizens on the services you offer.
Reduce pressure on reception services by answering frequently asked questions via a queue busting touch screen interface.
Widen your reach by utilising local retailers to pro-actively spread your messages where your citizens are, instead of waiting for them to come to you.
Publicise new government initiatives.
Support local retailers by giving them additional footfall.
Help bridge the digital divide.

Here are some of the top features of the
MunAdmin Communicator Kiosk system:

Instant feedback from guests/visitors/footfall with no processing time, viewable through a secure results website.
Remote assistance to all kiosks allows updates to be applied without a site visit.
You can achieve over 500 surveys per site, per week average with around 3% customer penetration in some places.
Ability to capture massive amounts of opt-in customer information.
Branding customised to your requirements.
Can be used as a powerful advertising tool.
The kiosk will be available in either a powder coated format or a stainless steel finish.
Provision is made for a logo and other information of the Local Municipality/Company as well as the availability of brochures and other information to the public.
Picture icons to enable users to easily identify the information on the touch screen.

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