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MunCem - Cemeteries made easy

MunCem is designed specifically for small to mid-sized cemeteries. Beginning with an intuitive interface to code designed to assist you while entering data, each screen provides areas for recording your specific information.

The cemetery system allows you to manage an unlimited number of cemeteries.

Easy data Capture

MunCem has visual screen for displaying data you have entered. View all entries in each area, select to view only those records with selected
criteria, or view predetermined entries.


Select a grave site number and view location information.
Cause of death, Funeral Home, Clergy and Service areas.

  • Select type of burial.

  • Ad Place of birth and death.

  • View all available and unavailable grave sites on screen.

  • Tables export for spreadsheet work.

  • Grave sites identified by:

     Section, Block, Lot, Grave
     Section, Lot , Grave
Block, Lot, Grave

  • Preserve Documentation

Scan all relevant documents into the system
Link Documents to a specific grave
Reprint documents as needed

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