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Munor BPMS

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We have developed Munor to enable municipal engineering officials to manage the alphanumeric data that is used in everyday tasks. This information may be used in collaboration with your GIS system.

Munor consists of a property database, which is the core of the application, linking any type of information to this. Roads PMS, Building plans, Water related items such as water meters, fire hydrants, pumps, valves, etc.

With the Building plan management application and reporting (BPMS) tools you are in control of all aspects of the plan approval process. We provide extensive reporting and analysis tools to enable you to fully control the application process. The system will allow you to capture various applications together with the digital image of the application. It could be documetns, building plans and any related note applicable to the property.

The BPMS makes provision for compiling statistics related to the building industry.

Property Certificates

The system allows you print a property zoning certificate, which can be issued to the property owner.

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