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Customer Care Module (CCM)

Customer Care made easy.

With our CCM module life is made easy for the company who wishes to make sure that complaints and requests from their clients are handled promptly and properly.

This will help optimizing your company's Service Delivery to your clients.

The MunAdmin CCM module will help to:

  • Identify the issues and quantify them in measurable terms.

  • Get sign-off from all the stakeholders concerned.

  • Put in place agreed, reasonable targets to resolve the issues in definitive time-frames.

  • Communicate the targets to all the stakeholders concerned – i.e. not only to those that need to deliver, but also to all residents and citizens that will be affected.

MS Office(tm) Integration

We have added the functionality to integrate with MS Outlook(tm), via a plug-in, in the EDMS system. All emails may be captured and indexed by the system automatially or the user may decide on the inclusion of email documentation in the EDMS system. The user will have the opportunity to mark an email as private or official.

And now we have added the full plug-in integration of the MS Office(tm) suite in our MunAdmin EDMS system.

We have added the functionality to use your favourite word processor in the EDMS system to ensure that you will be up to speed in no time. Minimal training is needed to make use of this new feature.

The management of Items, Agenda, Minutes and Resolutions just became that much easier. It is very easy to create, comment, generate items...and be ensured that multiple copies of various versions are not cluttering your system.

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