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Snag FAQ

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FAQ - MCS Snagmanager

Please find a list of FAQ below.
Q. Is the data of the Snagmanager stored on the Cloud?

A. No, the data is stored locally. In the case of the Enterprise Edition, the system will automatically synchronise the information with the server at the office.
Q. Why do you have more than one version of the MCS Snagmanager?

A. For small companies that does not need to synchronise with the corporate servers, provision is made to store the data locally. In the event that you want to upgrade to the Enterprise Edition, the current data will be synchronised automatically.
Q. Do you need expensive equipment to manage the MCS Snagmanager?

A. No, any low-end windows tables or device will suite just fine. Expensive equipment may pose a risk to the field personnel in terms of safety.
Q. What type of reports can be generated?

A. Various reports in terms of the progress and snags found are available in PDF format. A report may be emailed to the customer if required.
Q. Can the MCS Snagmanger be integrated with the MunAdmin EDM?

A. Yes, the MunAdmin suite of applications are fully integrated and works seamlessly to enable you a full suite of modules to fully manage the company.
Q. Which type of company will benefit from the MCS Snagmanager?

A. Any company that needs to track items/events, etc. such as:
Architects                   - Snags or punch list issued to the contractor and the owner.
Building Contractors    - Construction items needed to conform to quality checks.
Consulting Engineers   - Punch/Snag list to be compiled before issuing a payment certificate.
Insurance brokers       - Keep trach of insurance claims.
Traffic officials            - Keep trach of events at accident scene.
Q. Can any picture be Geo-tagged?

A. Yes, if you have access to your satelite services on your device, all pictures taken will be geo-tagged. Pictures will be displayed on Open Street Maps.
Q. Can I import pictures into the MCS Snagmanager?

A. Yes, you may import any picture, if it has geo-tag information available, it will be used by the system
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