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Snag List Manager

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Punch List or Snag List Manager

A Punch or Snag list is a document prepared near the end of a  construction project listing work not conforming to contract  specifications that the contractor must complete prior to final payment. The work may include incomplete or incorrect installations or incidental damage to existing finishes, material, and structures.

In most contracts, the General Conditions to the Contract for  Construction requires the Contractor, when he believes it to be so, to  declare the construction project to have reached "substantial  completion" and request a "pre-final" inspection.

Quality control and Progress reporting may be documented for futrure reference and in the case of possible litigation.

Inspection List


During site inspections it is of utmost importance to record features of the project which may later lead to litigation and payment details. In the case of quality control the data record will ensure the client not to accept sub standard work.
Consulting Engineers

It is very useful to record a full record of any instance where a deviation of the quality of construction is expereienced. This will assist in the determination of any irregularities during the constuction phase of the project.

The portfolio of evidence may be used to prevent long and costly delays.
Civil and Building Contractors

Control your quality of work to ensure that the number of snags is limited during inspections. No more waiting for payments due to outstanding work. Assist in the application for "substantial completion"
Local Government

Building Control
During the site inspections, the photographic evidence will be able to assist the municipality in the proper erection of buildings in the municipality.

Road and Pavement Engineering
During road inspections, in the case of pavement monitoring, photographic information on the quality of the surface will assist in drafting a proper Pavement Rehabilitation programme.

Water and Sewage Services
Photographic information, linked to the GIS, will assist in determining the route forward in the maintenance and update of systems.
Insurance Assesors

For future reference in the case of a dispute between the client and the insurer, it pays to have photographic evidence of the event.
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