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Web Design

Website Design

A website is much like the receptionist of any company – the director of first impressions – we make sure that the first impression is a good one.

Almost anyone can put up a website these days, but not many do it effectively.

Website design is a multi-facetted discipline, requiring a variety of skills and knowledge. Effective website design is about creating balance between the disciplines (the technical and the creative) and focussing on the website owner’s goals in the process. It is also about about ensuring that the qualities of the brand shine through.

At Muncomp, we believe less is more – clean crisp, uncluttered designs, with good content is generally all that is required to make an impact.

Slow loading sites with sounds blasting out unexpectedly and popups vying for attention generally make people feel that they’re being coerced. Whilst it may sometimes look good, it doesn’t make the user FEEL good!

When the user doesn’t feel good, he pushes the big   at the top right hand corner and goes on to find a better place! Our websites are designed to keep people visiting!

Websites vary in functionality, size and content type, and these all impact on the time it takes to put the website together.

We have solutions which are very competitively priced. Once we have a feel for your requirements, we’ll be be in a better position to provide you with an exact quote.

Contact us for your no obligation quote.

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