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Web design cost is often a hard thing to quantify as it is the amount of time that it takes to build the website that influences the cost most - i.e. quality, big, complicated, graphics-intensive websites cost tend to cost more.

Logo design is another 'high cost' item as it usually take time to design a good, quality logo, however most companies have their logos already and don't require a new one, or perhaps need only a small rework of their current logo, therefore we don't include the cost of one in our packages. (If you do need one can be designed for you at a reasonable cost.)



Once-off Total:

1 page web advert.......

from R750

Econo site (2-3 pages)..................
e.g 'Home','Products','Contact'

from R1600

Budget site (3-5 pages)..................
eg 'Home','Products','Services','About Us', & 'Contact'

from R3950

Midi site (5-15 pages)..................

from R6750

* All include website design & layout, graphics, 'Search Engine Optimization' and search engine submission.
* All exclude logo design and domain name registration (see below)


Domain name registration

R275 initial C.O.D. and R82 per year thereafter (

Email account setup

R25 per email address

Hosting (per month)

1 domain: R75 p/m (100MB space, 10GB traffic, 5 email addresses)

Logo design

Contact us for a quote

Alterations, updates or additions

R225 p/h

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